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Accelerate your digital transformation with Microsoft service.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Microsoft Partner Services

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business environment, digital transformation has become a critical aspect for companies to remain competitive and thrive. Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology into various business operations to improve efficiency, increase productivity and enhance the customer experience. Data Pillar has been a pioneer in providing technology solutions to businesses for decades. Our suite of products and services has helped companies of all sizes streamline their operations, increase collaboration and automate their workflows.

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Microsoft service - Standard Offerings

Microsoft 365

A cloud-based productivity suite that includes office apps, email, online storage and communication tools.


A flexible, secure and scalable cloud computing platform for building, deploying and managing applications.

Dynamic 365

A suite of ERP and CRM applications for managing financials, operations, sales, marketing, and customer service.

Microsoft service - Focused Offerings

Azure Migration Service

A focused offering that helps businesses migrate their on-premises applications and infrastructure to Azure, leveraging Microsoft’s expertise in cloud migration and best practices.

Power Platform Consulting

A targeted offering that provides businesses with expert guidance and support for building custom applications and workflows using Microsoft Power Platform, Power Automate, and Power BI.

Modern Workplace Solutions

An offering with a clear focus to assist businesses to create a modern, connected workplace with Microsoft 365 and Teams, enabling remote collaboration, communication and productivity.

Why Choose DataPillar?

Why choose us?

Empower Your Team with Customised Microsoft Solutions, Tailored to Meet Your Business Needs.

At DataPillar, we understand that every business has unique needs, and off-the-shelf software solutions may not always meet those needs. That’s why we offer customised Microsoft services that are tailored to meet your specific business needs. We work closely with our clients to understand their workflows, processes, and pain points, and design customised solutions that help them work smarter and more efficiently.

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