Real Time Identity Verification & Onboarding

KYC & AML Solution

Speed ​​up the registration process while complying with strict KYC AML regulations worldwide. Integrate DataPillar Pro’s state-of-the-art KYC and AML screening solutions. Our solution ensures that the verification process is completed in real-time, providing a seamless experience for your customers.

A woman gracefully swipes her credit card to complete a purchase, demonstrating a secure and convenient payment method.

Advanced Tech Stack Technology


An illustration of a database, accompanied by two arrows symbolizing incoming data.

Data Input Automation

Symbolic representation of a fingerprint scanner, utilized for secure identification.

3D Liveness Detection

A blue human figure with a visible face in silhouette form.

Bio Metric Face Analysis

Image of a secure folder with a lock symbol and a fingerprint, representing enhanced privacy and authentication measures.

Authenticity Control

A blue and white emblem with the letters "NFC" in stylized font, representing Near Field Communication technology.


Advanced Tech Stack Technology


Automatically takes photo and stores data.

Data Input Automation

Fills in user data.

3D Liveness Detection

Recognise human's reality.

Bio Metric Face Analysis

Analyse with visual zone, chip, videocall.

Authenticity Control

Compare doc data: visual zone, MRZ, chip.


Reads data from the chip.

Ensure verification to trust KYC

Ensure Verification To Trust

Make sure your customers are who they claim to be.

AML/KYC compliance is mandatory for banks, financial institutions and any business that deals with money. Implementing automated KYC checks can enable businesses to ensure seamless customer sign-in while combating identity theft and allowing customers to transact from anywhere, anytime.

Verify & Onboard Customers in Minutes

Are you tired of the cumbersome process of verifying and onboarding customers that takes days or even weeks? Introducing our cutting-edge KYC & AML solution that enables you to verify and onboard customers in just a matter of minutes!

Onboard customer in minutes KYC

KYC Use Cases


Credit Union

Insurance Firm

Mortgage Companies

Loans Firms

Gambling sites

Travel Industry




Digital Wallet

Crypto Exchanges

DataPillar at your service

DataPillar facilitates banking due diligence and enables online businesses to successfully meet their legal KYC/AML requirements through real-time identity verification. Our AI-powered KYC services effectively replace slow and manual KYC processes, improving the customer registration experience. DataPillar’s identity verification services can provide a number of benefits to organisations striving to meet AML/KYC compliance and streamline the customer onboarding process.

Verify billions of customers across the globe in real-time

Quick AML screening against 1700+ global watchlists

Reduce drop-offs and enhance customer experience

Maintain transparency through Proof of verification

Customer Identification Program (CIP)

Sanctions screening (AML)

Risk Assessment (Credit scoring)

Risk Rating (Low, Mid, High)

Open account Decline Application

Market Analysis (Investment banking)

Fraud Detection (Financial crime)

Initiate KYC

Customer Due Diligence for Banks

Banks require an effective customer due diligence process that differs from other businesses. The goal is to identify high-risk customers, combat identity theft and prevent financial crimes. To meet your KYC due diligence requirements, consider implementing a KYC digital identity verification solution. This solution from DataPillar Compliance solutions not only helps meet your regulatory obligations, but also offers convenient service to your customers and helps build trust in your business. Our solution also reduces the risk of human error and ensures compliance with global regulations.

Due Diligence

Who Uses KYC

KYC uses

Explore KYC & AML Solutions

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