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Focus On Modernisation Capabilities

Data Warehouse Migration

Automated migration of enterprise data warehouses using our accelerators and birds.

data lake implementation

Store your structured and unstructured data at any scale in a centralised repository with our data lake implementation solutions.

data governance

Ensuring data warehouse follows best security practice and governance rules to maintain data integrity and quality.


Monitoring and recommending when existing architecture needs to be remodeled. Also, supporting this with a partner-supported infrastructure and resource allocation..

Data Lake Architectures & Implementation Solutions

Transform your data management strategy with our powerful data lake Implementation solutions. With our platform, you can store all your structured and unstructured data in one centralised repository, no matter how large your data sets are.

Data solution lake architecture

understanding why data lake is needed

With larger chunks of data collected in enterprise data lake from various sources, the need to leverage information and help make better-informed business decisions arises. Today, companies recognise the importance of migration to the cloud and the ease at which it increases data efficiency.Using Big Data solution technologies, DataPillar assists firms by setting up a Data Lake which holds structured and unstructured data securely. With our unique automation techniques, the process is accomplished at a faster pace and reduced cost.

exploring how data lake functions

Using recurrent processes throughout the data pipeline, DataPillar ensures successful data lake Implementation. This is possible, from data lake assessment to data lake analytics, with the help of our automation tools.

Data Lake functions

Data Management & Warehouse


Helping organisations architect a robust foundation of metadata to identify meaningful relationships, create data models, and efficiently work from their datasets.


Mapping data’s journey, origin, transition, and lifecycle to help in their source identification, possible business impact, and ensure data quality.


Defining the rules and principles to ensure the integrity and consistency of the data.


Ensuring data integrity to help enterprises get the most from their information asset, allowing them to build confidence in their decision-making. 


Recommendation and integration of additional data sources.


Data audit and risk assessment with suggestions on technologies to improve data security. 


Automation of ETL setup and creation of data lake and warehouse with optimal architecture on the cloud. 

Focus Areas On Data & Analytics

Automatic speech recognition

Optical character recognition

ML model for data classification

Digital media analytics

Recommendation engine


differentiators - why modernise with DataPillar?

seamless automation

Automated product suite to accelerate migration from the enterprise data warehouse to a modern platform.

reduced timeline & costs

Automation and certified cloud experts collectively fast-track the modernisation process, thus reducing time and cost by up to 50%.

cloud experience

Experience in the development of optimal cloud architecture empowered with cloud-native technology expertise.

Let your data move seemlessly to cloud