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End-to-end approach to big data consulting and advanced analytics solution implementation.

data consulting

Data consulting assists agencies collect, method, and capitalise on terabytes of high pace and high-range statistics. DataPillar allows businesses to implement new large information and answers the prevailing ones. Be it a solution for company utilisation or a brand new disrupting software program product – we’re excited to help!

Key benefits:

Data Consultation

data consulting services we offer

streaming Applications

Utility streaming is a form of on-call for software program distribution. We cautiously choose the most crucial portions of the software’s code which is being implemented on the quit consumer’s pc. The code documents and grants over the community therefore actions done via a selected consumer.

data lakes

A data lake is a system of all employers’ stored information. It could consist of based facts, semi-dependent statistics (CSV, logs, XML, JSON), unstructured records (emails, files, PDFs), and binary records (pics, audio, video). Delta Lake acts as an extra storage layer that brings reliability to your information lakes.

Data Processing

Big records Processing is fixed of techniques that allow an organisation to apply the entire ability of its information. The process includes evaluation using operational memory NoSQL databases, and columnar database that reduces the number of analysed facts items at some stage in question processing.

analytics use case advisory

At DataPillar, we understand that every business is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to data analytics. That's why we offer analytics use case advisory services to help you identify the best data analytics solutions for your business. our experienced team of data scientists and analysts work closely with you.

solution delivery

At DataPillar, we understand that implementing data analytics solutions can be a complex and time-consuming process. That's why we offer solution delivery services to help you get up and running with data analytics & data consultation quickly and efficiently. Our experienced team will work with you.

Data management

At DataPillar, we understand that effective data management is crucial for any business to derive meaningful insights from its data. That's why we offer data management services to help you ensure the quality and security of your data. our solutions to ensure that your data is accurate and reliable.

big data solution implementation

Large records implementation profits strategic significance across all enterprise sectors, supporting mid-sized and massive agencies correctly taking care of the ever-growing quantity of data for operational and analytical wishes. Whilst properly developed and maintained, huge records answers correctly, accommodate and method petabytes of XaaS customers’ statistics, enable IoT-pushed automation, and greater.

Key benefits:

Big data consultation solution

Every Industry implementation

Bringing innovative solutions to every industry.

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other solutions

Get tried and tested data solutions for all your business needs that encompass the whole data journey.

development & modelling

Identify data to understand its complexity and downstream effects assess data weakness and opportunities, then prioritise next steps for critical business needs. Evaluate data in terms of coverage using explicitly stated rules for data inclusion, completeness, consistency, and accuracy.


Our operationalisation offerings are designed to help you combine your statistics analytics solution into your everyday operations. Our team of facts scientists and commercial enterprise analysts work carefully with you to pick out possibilities to optimise your workflows and automate procedures to enhance efficiency.

What they say about us?

DataPillar is professional, friendly, efficient, pay attention to detail and are always there to assist me. I have full confidence in Success and have recommended them on many occasions.
Patrick Doyle
In our industry a quick response time plus an attention to detail are of the utmost importance. Through their professionalism and expertise DataPillar consistently excelled.
Frank Burke
Working with DataPillar for the last 6 years has been an absolute pleasure. It has given immense satisfaction to watch them grow year on year and maintain their dedication to excellence.
Susan Atkins