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The speed of digital transformation depends on the capabilities of the underlying cloud platform and the ability to maximise its services.

We help businesses accelerate digital transformation on AWS

A thorough cloud transformation plan and selecting a cloud platform compatible with the organization’s operations are essential for success when organisations attempt to shape interactions throughout the customer experience using digital-first business models. With its full array of prefabricated toolkits, AWS service by DataPillar aids in removing obstacles to creativity and makes the company more adaptable, collaborative, and customer-focused. Organisations want an AWS consulting partner with experience in integrating cloud platform capabilities with corporate strategic imperatives.

Aws Partner

AWS - Standard Offerings

Database Migration

Cut the hassle and cost with automation testing services, targeted to maximise ROI within time.

App migration/modernisation

Get pitch-perfect functionality with fine-tuned testing tools to meet users’ expectations perfectly.

Data & analytics

Give users the best experience with smooth navigation flows, proper layout, and interactive UI.

AWS - Focused Offerings

MLOps – Multiply ROI from your ML investments

Manage ML workflows with DevOps-like speed and agility. DataPillar’s pre-built solutions automates 90% of  the standard MLOps processes.

Smart Factory – Mendix on AWS

With DataPillar’s dual-power in Mendix and AWS service, smart factory initiatives can be expedited. Automate processes, democratise data, and spur creativity.

Self-Service Kubernetes Deployment platform

Roll out new features with DataPillar – a self-service Kubernetes deployment service providing platform, with workflow standardisation & governance.

Why Choose DataPillar?

Why choose us?

Unleash the full potential of your data with AWS Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics services.

Businesses are seeing the value of releasing insights from their data to fuel informed decision-making as the world becomes more and more data-driven. You can unlock the full potential of your data with the help of Data Pillar’s AWS services. Our data engineering and advanced analytics services will give you a competitive edge in your sector. AWS Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics services, giving you a competitive advantage in your sector.

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